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AdaRose Spa in a Box (FREE Shipping!)

AdaRose Spa in a Box (FREE Shipping!)

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The perfect gift to show some love & appreciation to yourself, employees, members, or clients... this is not your average gift box!

  • Self care package, curated with wellness products for the mind & body
  • Immersive virtual experiences led by two health & beauty experts to follow along to
  • Enough products to repeat experiences several times
  • New self care skills & rituals for anytime & anywhere (on demand, no scheduling or hassle)

What's in the Box:

  • Sea salt & teakwood aromatherapy candle
  • Spa headband
  • Facial kit: cleanser, face mask, moisturizer & bonus accessories
  • Hand cream

Virtual Experiences with Expert Guidance:

  • Multiple experience options ranging from 10-50 minutes
  • Two experts: mindfulness practitioner & licensed esthetician   
  • Guidance includes: at-home facial, hand massage, meditation, breathwork & more!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rosa Otero-Creech
A Truly Special Gift

I was looking for some special gifts to give to two incredible moms. Both women have had their lives turned upside down due to illnesses in their families. The AdaRose Spa Box turned out to be the perfect gift! It offered them a mini-retreat, a chance for some self-care right in their own homes, on their own time. An AdaRose Spa Box will be my go-to gift from now on!

Amanda Fowler
The Best Experience-Based Gift

I think when it comes to giving gifts — whether it's for yourself or others — experiences are where it's at. That's why I love the Spa in A Box. It's not your typical self care gift like a target face mask or gift card to getting your nails done. It's a gift that says "I see you. I care about you. I thought you'd enjoy this spa in a box experience." I personally loved the products and the whole experience as a way to connect deeper with myself + feel nourished.

Beautiful mom and daughter bonding experience

I ordered the self-care experience for my sister who has been coming back from radical breast cancer treatment (chemo/ surgeries - the whole shebang). She took it with her on vacation and used the kit with her 7 year old daughter - they did a little spa day together. They both loved it!

Amazing Experience for our Girls Trip!

Around ten women and I went on a trip together and planned one of the nights to do a stay-home spa night. We used AdaRose Self Care experience and I cannot recommend it enough! It felt so personal having a walk through of the steps and box, and as we found out, the "normal" way isn't always the right way or best way to do each and every step (who knew to wash twice!). The experts were knowledgeable and added to the relaxation and mindfulness, really bringing us back to our intentions. All of the products felt amazing and high quality, and they left my skin glowing for days after. I can't wait to gift this and hopefully do it with our group again soon! Absolutely loved.

Great Gift

This last Mother's Day I was looking for a gift for my wife. Wanted something different than the normal default of flowers.

I purchased the Self Care box and hoped for the best. My wife LOVED it! First time in years I was given kudos for finding a unique and thoughtful gift. Score one for me!

My wife was able to get three spa type experiences out of the delivered product. She loved that it came with professional experts leading her through the use of the different products. An under appreciated benefit is my wife could determine when and where to get her break from the family.

Highly recommend!