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AdaRose Self Care Experience

AdaRose Self Care Experience

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The perfect way to show appreciation to yourself, employees, members, or clients! 
  • Expert-led virtual guidance in mindfulness and skincare.
  • Learn new self care rituals for your mind and body.
  • On demand (no scheduling).
  • No prep or hassle. Push play and follow along.


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Customer Reviews

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Great Gift

This last Mother's Day I was looking for a gift for my wife. Wanted something different than the normal default of flowers.

I purchased the Self Care box and hoped for the best. My wife LOVED it! First time in years I was given kudos for finding a unique and thoughtful gift. Score one for me!

My wife was able to get three spa type experiences out of the delivered product. She loved that it came with professional experts leading her through the use of the different products. An under appreciated benefit is my wife could determine when and where to get her break from the family.

Highly recommend!

The best self-care experience!

I absolutely loved my experience with my Ada Rose box. All of the products are such high quality and the guidance is very relaxing. 10/10 would recommend!

What a relaxing experience!

I used the AdaRose self care box this past Sunday night. Throughout the guided process, I felt completely relaxed and content. It was the perfect start to a busy work week! I plan on making this a weekly routine and planning on spreading the word to let others know how great it was.

Definetly mindful

It is a once in a lifetime experience. The box includes an assortment of self care and relaxation products. The best part is it provides a guided practice, with video, of how to use the products and to relax, breath, and take a moment for yourself.
Mamas new, old, and upcoming this one is for you. In order to be there for your little ones, you need to take time and take care of you. Sunday is my day. Try it out and see how the guided meditation makes you feel at ease and ready for the upcoming week ahead.

Diana MacDonald
Enjoyable Me Time

I don’t meditate, but I found the meditation to be extremely relaxing and the facial to be a wonderful experience. This package is a great way to fit in me time while taking care of your skin, mind and soul on a regular basis. It’s an excellent gift idea for any woman to enjoy pampering me time at home.